4 Unique Wedding Car Ideas At Bandung

Catering services bandung – If you are bored with the idea of usual wedding car, then you should try unique wedding car ideas. Before we talk further about unique wedding car, we need to define and identify what ‘unique’ is. Based on Merriam-Webster dictionary, unique is being the only one, is without equal, and distinctively characteristic. There are other words that have the same meaning with unique. That words are peculiar, unusual, unequaled, and sole.

wedding car ideas
wedding car ideas

Not all people have the same perspective on what unique is. People will have different and maybe contrast opinion on the unique thing. There is always a thin line between unique and weird. There’s also low possibility on one and unique thing in certain concepts. It applies also to bridal car ideas. Our wedding car from our list might not be the sole and original. At least, our list will give you a knowledge of what unique is.

  1. Public Land Transportation
wedding car bandung
wedding car bandung reservation catering mami bandung

To make your wedding spectacular, you don’t need a slim classic or sports car. All you need is a mammoth public transportation. Yes, we repeat, a mammoth public transportation. That means you will use, at least a bus or even better two-level bus. We choose bus because we can’t use or rent a train. Make sure, you empty a lot of space for the bus to park.

  1. Animal Based Transportation

A horse-drawn carriage is the most common wedding vehicle. So, instead of using horse you can use other animals. We understand that if you want to experience a fairy or royal wedding, a horse is a must. But for the sake of ‘unique ideas’, you can use an elephant or a buffalo. I guarantee you that all your invited guest will give you an awe impression.

  1. Flying Car

Number two of our unique wedding car ideas is a flying car. Today is 2018 and we still use a car that still moving on land. We are a disgrace to all science fiction prophecy from the 80’s. You can be unique and become a pioneer wedding couple who use a flying car as a bridal vehicle. I can assure you, nobody will forget the experience of witnessing the first flying wedding car.

  1. Military Transportation

Number one choice for our unique wedding car is military transportation. Make no mistake, we won’t talk about a Humvee or a military jeep. What we are going to talk about is a tank. Yes, a tank, an armored war vehicle created for combat. Imagine riding a tank towards and from your wedding ceremony. It will feel like a winning a war and the invited guest will welcome you like a war hero.

Some wedding car ideas can be ridiculous for some people. But again, we need to make a mutual agreement that a wedding can be the once in a lifetime moment. Everybody wants their wedding to be remembered and one of the best choice to do it is to use a unique type of wedding vehicle. Remember to prepare your wedding long before so you can choose one of the above vehicles without encountering any problem.

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